Relationships module

Relationships allow related information to be very easily and transparently displayed in the portal. In the Relationships module, the relations between individual data records of various data groups will be displayed at a glance in a relationship diagram.

Relationships between data records of parent and child data groups, relationships between referenced and referencing data records, and even indirect relationships between data records can be created in this way. Thus, for example, a relation between a Workshops application can be created with a Customer number data field, and between the CRM application with a Customer number data field, if the field from the Workshopapplication does not reference the field in the CRM application, but rather is filled using DataPicker.

Intrexx Share can also display relationships that are defined in the Relationship Designer. If plugins are defined and activated for a data group that is used in the Relationship Designer, all of the feeds will be represented with their relationship to the current feed.

In our example, data that exists in relation to customer data, such as the current open tasks, contact persons, or external Partners, are represented. If relationship diagrams are created and published in the Relationships module, they can be included in the Application Designer with a unique view element. Here you will see how it looks in the browser. If a user clicks on Information in a table with customer data, the view element will provide the related data.