Menu items

Here you can see the three fields Normal, Hover, and Selected. These fields represent three statuses of a menu item: Normal corresponds to the display of a menu item without mouse contact, Hover the display when the mouse is positioned above it, and Selected the display of a selected menu item. Therefore, you can define every status of a menu item differently.

In the example shown below, the menu item Extras is selected; the menu item Policy Browser is currently in contact with the mouse. All additional menu items will be displayed in the way as has been defined for the status Normal.

In the lower area you will see the white of the background, which has been set for the total area of the tree menu.

As with the general background, you can select a background color and an image, which will serve as the background for the individual menu items.

If you click on the Font link to the right, you can change the Font of the menu items. Fonts that have not been installed can be directly entered to the edit field. A click on Select font type opens a dialog in which all installed fonts will be listed and can be comfortably selected.

Underneath, enter the Font size. In the selection list to the right of the edit field, select the unit Pixels, em, or Percent. The Font color can be selected, just as you previously did with the background color. In Font type you will decide if the text should be displayed normally or in bold. As Text decoration, underlining or none (no text decoration) can be selected.

With a click on border a border can be defined around the individual menu items.

With a click on spacings spacings can also be controlled as in the background settings, with the difference that the spacings will not be seen for the total area of the tree menu; rather, in relation to the individual menu item.