In the general area of the options, you will find for all elements their ID, via which the element will be identified in the CSS. If the ID can be edited here, you should take care to use an ID that is unique in the layout. If you use an existing ID, your changes will be rejected as soon as you highlight another element on the workspace.

Here you can also give your element a title, which it will possess in all areas of the Design module.

You can define a Heading Level and enter a Heading. The Heading Level will not influence the structure of the layout, but it will be, like the Heading itself, written in HTML below the container and can be used from screen readers and search engines.

If you wish to construct barrier-free pages, or simply bring more transparency to your layout construction, you can assign the element a Role here.

Every time you see the symbol for Multiple languages, you can enter a text in multiple languages by clicking on it.

All additional settings that can be performed here in the Options area vary from element to element.