Importing Layouts

In this dialog, you can select the desired layout for import by selecting the corresponding checkbox to the left of the layout name. All layouts can be selected or deselected via the context menu.

By clicking Select all Layouts all layouts will be selected for the import. Clicking Deselect all Layouts will cancel the selection.

With the setting update existing layouts, Intrexx will check whether an application already exists on the portal with an identical GUID to the GUID of the application to be imported. As with all elements in Intrexx, layouts are also given a unique key, the so-called GUID (Globally Unique Identifier). If you import a layout that you have previously exported, both layouts will possess the same GUID.

If you do not activate the update existing layout setting, new, unique GUIDs will be generated and assigned to the imported layout. The imported layout will be newly created as a copy of the original.