Design Options

Options for experts

If you activate the Options for experts for the Design module, you can reach the Details dialog via the F4 key, which provides additional information on the properties of elements.

Check design for missing titles

Check design for missing titles has the effect that the design will be searched for missing entries for titles in other portal languages when it is opened.

Show grid

The Show grid setting will display a grid pattern in the Applications module.

Grid size

The Grid size (the distance between grid points on the workspace) can be defined here. The default value 10 corresponds to a distance of 10 pixels between individual grid points.

Align to grid

The Align to grid setting will orient the graphical elements in the diagram view along the bars.

Show ruler

Show ruler will show or hide the ruler on the workspace.

Show frames

Show frames causes lines to be shown that emphasize the borders of the layout containers.

Minimum width of the working area

Minimum width of the working area sets the minimum width of the workspace. If the window is smaller, a horizontal scrollbar will be shown. The layout preview on the workspace will though be displayed in the dimensions it would have if it would be displayed in a browser. Minimum height of the working area sets the minimum width accordingly.

Recent layouts list max.length

Recent layouts list max.length specifies how many of the recently edited layouts will be shown in the Layout Manager, when clicking on Recently Edited.