Portal properties - Regional settings - Global language constants

System texts that are used for notices, lists and other messages can be edited on this page.


Individual constants can be searched for in the field Search. Simply enter the desired term to do so.


Using the field Type, you can filter the constants by type, such as JavaScript or Velocity constants.


In the language constant list you'll see the Name of the language constants on the left-hand side. This is followed by Type. In the following columns, the texts will be displayed in the languages that you have setup in your portal's regional settings.

Language filter

If you'd like to hide one of the languages, e.g. English, in the language list, click on Language filter. Clicking on Show all will display all of the languages. Remove all will hide all of the columns.

Add new language constant

Click on Add new language constant to define a new language constant.

Create a copy of the language constant

A copy of an existing constant can be created by using Create a copy of the language constant.


You can delete the language constants created by you by clicking on Remove.

Edit language constant

Clicking on Edit language constant will open a dialog that allows you to modify the constant's properties.

Export constants / Import constants

Information regarding this topic can be found here.