Connector for M-Files: Field mapping

The M-Files metadata fields of the previously selected vault are listed on the left-hand side of the dialog box. The right-hand side shows the fields of the Intrexx data group, as well as the fields of a parent data group and user-specific values as applicable. Furthermore, the M-Files fields can be filtered by class to provide a better overview. Mandatory fields in M-Files are designated as such with this symbol.

Use the arrow keys to assign a field in M-Files to an Intrexx field. This means that when a record is saved in Intrexx, the value from the Intrexx field is automatically saved to the linked M-Files field in M-Files. Please note here that the field data type in M-Files needs to be compatible with its counterpart in Intrexx.

For certain purposes, it is necessary to also save a static value to an Intrexx field. This is the case, for example, if From Intrexx was selected for Evaluation of the ID, and a GUID needs to be generated for that purpose. This is defined as a GUID value and an M-Files field created for this is assigned to it.

Since this GUID will need to be available for use in Intrexx later as well, in order to determine the corresponding object in M-Files, you will be automatically requested after assigning the value to an M-Files field whether the value also needs to be saved in an Intrexx data field.

The setting Save value in data field can be edited by clicking Save value in data field in the data field mapping dialog. drop-down lists in M-Files are able to be assigned values from Intrexx data fields or static values. Please note here that the value in Intrexx can be used to determine the corresponding entry in the drop-down list in M-Files. If an Intrexx field of type Integer is selected for the assignment, you must ensure that the M-Files drop-down list contains a corresponding entry with the same ID value. Alternatively, the entry can be detected in the list through the displayed value. If a string field is assigned to the list field, for example, the value stored in it must correspond to the displayed value in the M-Files drop-down list. Please make sure that the letter case is correct here.

The strategy you choose here depends on the application case you want to achieve. If the IDs of the list entries are known in M-Files, the entry should be determined based on the ID. If this is not the case, determining the entry based on the displayed value can be used.

The corresponding dialog for this is opened via Options behind an M-Files Lookup/MultiSelectLookup field. By default, the values are determined via the ID.