Connector for M-Files: Authentication

The currently logged-on portal user is used by default here. If no M-Files session exists for this user and User name/Password was chosen as authentication method in the configuration, the user is requested in the portal to log on to M-Files.

There are cases in which access to M-Files should always occur through the same M-Files user, regardless of which portal user is currently logged on. This is the case, for example, if an M-Files user does not exist for every Intrexx user, or documents from Intrexx should always be saved under the same user in M-Files.

A static user can be chosen in this dialog box for this purpose. This is an Intrexx user who was assigned an M-Files user account in the M-Files configuration. However, a static user can also be created directly in the dialog box. As soon as a user of this type has been saved in the file field, all access to M-Files through the data group occurs with this M-Files user account.

This means that interactive authentication to M-Files will no longer be necessary in the portal. This also allows simple single sign-on scenarios to be realized, without needing to set up Kerberos authentication.