New service


Enter the name of the service here. Below, enter the URL of the service. If the service requires an encrypted SSL connection, select the checkbox for Use SSL. If the so-called Etag Header needs to be set for data manipulation purposes, this can be controlled with the Use Etag checkbox.

SAP Gateway Service

Enter the name of the service here. Enter the URL of the service below. In addition, you can specify whether the service for the manipulation of data should request and use the so-called Cross-Site-Request-Forgery Token from the SAP System. Then click on Finish.


Enter the name of the SharePoint connection here. Beneath that, enter the SharePoint OData service's URL in the format: http://my-SharePoint-server/_vti_bin/listdata.svc. Activate the setting Use SSL if the service requires an SSL connection. Because the so-called Etag Header needed to be enabled for data manipulation, the setting Use Etag is already selected.