Input and Output Parameters

Input Parameter

Here you can, via Add a Database Parameter, define which data will be called up from an input.

Double clicking on an entry in the Name column allows the designation of a data field to be changed. This name will be used later for the definition of input parameters for the web service request. In the Data group Field column, the name of the data field from the source application will be shown. This name cannot be changed.

In the Optional column, you can define which data group fields serve as mandatory fields upon input. If a field is marked as optional, the entry of a value is not necessary.

If a transfer parameter is highlighted, it can be edited by selecting Edit a Parameter.

Select Add a Request Parameter to define a request parameter.

Additionally, clicking Add a data set amount parameter allows the rowcount parameter to be set.

With this parameter, the maximum number of data records will be defined that must be returned. Here as well, you can decide whether the parameter can be entered optionally or is required. If rowcount is defined here, the parameter will show up later in the list of input parameters that are available for a web service request.

Output Parameters

The return parameters can be defined by double clicking on the overview field or by clicking Add a data field parameter .