FileWalker - File filter

Here, you can define which files shall be accessed using the FileWalker.


File names or file extensions contained in this list will be permitted for the FileWalker.

Filter wizard

With this option, you can permit file names, wildcards can be used here as well, and file extensions for the FileWalker.

Add file name / Add file extension
Adds another row to the list. By double-clicking in the row, the value can be modified.

Delete file name / Delete file extension
Deletes the selected entry from the list.

Own filter expression

If this option is selected, you can enter your own filter expression here. Additional information about this topic can be found here.

Show hidden files

Shows hidden files as well.

Index files, if:

With the settings in this section, you can determine which files should be included in the index.


The settings on this tab correspond to those of the whitelist. File names entered here will not be allowed to be shown or accessed using the FileWalker.