File Storage Locations - General Settings

Enter an Alias name for your file storage location here. This name is then used in the Application Designer to select the file storage location when you configure a file field. Path: Click Select folder to open a further dialog box to select a directory which will be used as the file storage location. Click Insert default path to automatically enter the portal directory internal/files, followed by the placeholder ${appGuid}. Later, in place of ${appGuid}, the GUID of the application in which the file field assigned to the file storage location will be inserted here.

An explanation of the file storage location can be entered to the Description.

If the option is selected to Delete files if data field is deleted, all files located in the path defined above will be deleted as soon as the file field is deleted in the Application Designer.

When the Export files option is selected, the files in the file storage location will be exported along with an application or portal export.

Please note that changing the storage path is possible after it has been created, but it requires the files to be manually moved from the old storage location to the new path.

In more complex applications, for example, multiple applications and data groups may link to the same storage location. Identifying the files that belong to the corresponding records is very complicated and can only be done at the database level by checking each reference.

If files have been moved it is required to change the alias that references the new file storage location in the properties of the data field afterwards.