Exchange - Account

Enter the connection data for an existing Exchange account here. This account will be required for access to the Exchange metadata and is implemented exclusively for administrative purposes.

In order to set up the Intrexx data source, an Exchange account will be required. This must be an existing user account on the Microsoft Exchange Server. It requires no special permissions. The Connector for Microsoft Exchange will use this account to query meta-information from the Exchange server, which will then be available when creating applications and delivers information about data fields, field types, and existing tables.

Enter here the User name and the Password for access to the account.

Below that, for Mailbox, enter the name of the Exchange Mailbox or the email address. In Server, enter the Domain and the URL (e.g. in cases with Exchange 2003/2007 or for Exchange 2010 or later)

of the Exchange Server with the Client Access Role (e.g. the OWA Server). Generally, the URL will begin with the https protocol, followed by the fully qualified server name and then the virtual directory exchange (2003/2007) or /ews/Exchange.asmx (from 2010).