Click Script to open the JavaScript editor. If you click on the arrow symbol next to the Script button, a menu will be opened in which you can choose whether to Edit JavaScript for desktop or Edit JavaScript for mobile devices in the editor. Save the script in the editor.

Clicking on Add script call will open a dialog, from which the user-defined functions can be selected and an event can be assigned. By clicking on Edit script call, you can select another function for the currently assigned event. Remove script call deletes the currently highlighted assignment of a script to a function in the list.

If multiple function calls are assigned to a single event, the order of calls can be influenced with the help of the arrow buttons here.

Click OK and save the application when you are done. The JavaScript function will be executed in the browser as soon as the corresponding event occurs.

When opening an application, the corresponding JavaScript will be searched for comments that contain the character string //FIXME or //TODO. Hits will be listed in the lower area of the Applications module on the Problems tab. The JavaScript editor will be opened upon double-clicking on a hit. In this way, you have the ability to set markers for the further editing of scripts.