New data field

Applications module Data group Properties Data fields tab / Add data field


The data field's title can be modified here. Further information regarding this topic can be found here.

Data field name

The name of the data field can be modified here, provided the application hasn't been published. The prefix is updated when the data type (see below) is modified. The actual name is not modified. If the specified name doesn't possess a data type prefix, changing the data type will leave the name as it is. This means, for example, changing the data type from string to datetime would change the name from STR_NAME to DT_NAME, whereas TEST_NAME would not be changed.

Data type

Select the required data type. Data fields can also be created automatically when creating new edit elements. In this case, the connection between the edit element and the data field will be created automatically.


The File data type is used, for example, for the File selection element. If required, the filehandler class can be configured by clicking on more....