Processes: Groovy File Manager

In the Groovy file manager, you can structurally manage your Groovy script files. You can reach the Groovy file manager via the menu Edit / Edit Script / Edit Groovy Script, or in the script dialog of the corresponding element if the Options for Experts setting has been enabled in the Extras / Options menu.

Directories and files can only be deleted if the Groovy file manager has been opened from the menu. Deletion is not possible when opened via the script dialog of a process element.

Click Add to show a menu where Directories and other Groovy script Files can be created. It is also possible to Import externally created Groovy script files. Click Add and select Directory from the menu to create a new directory.

Click Add and select File from the menu to create a new file.

All elements in the Groovy file manager can be moved to the desired location via drag-and-drop. Child directories can be created within existing directories by selecting a directory and clicking Add.

Click Edit to edit the selected script file in the script editor.

Select the script file that should be executed in the process chain for the current process element. Click Select to apply the changes.