Data Transfer - Source - Groovy Script

First, select the location for the Script File to be saved. Here the directory
<portal>\internal\cfg\datatransfer\scripts\ will be automatically suggested for the location of the new script file. Additionally, Intrexx will generate a unique file name, consisting of the character string Src and a GUID with the ending .groovy. If you prefer a different save location, please note that the directory must be reachable from the server. Additionally, the selected file name must be unique in the portal.

By clicking Open Intrexx editor, the script will be opened in the Intrexx Groovy Script Editor.

Open external editor will be available if the path to an external text editor has been entered in the menu Extras / Options / Editor settings.

In Time zone, the desired time zone can be selected for date values.

If one wishes to access column names using getValue() and setValue(), they must be entered corresponding to the database in use with capital and lower-case letters. Please take account of the conventions of your database here.