Data transfer

With Data transfer, data from Intrexx applications or from external data sources can be imported and exported. A data transfer can be executed as a one-time event or regularly and automatically at defined times in the background. A new connection can be set up from the context menu item New connection .

The new connection will then be shown in the list of saved connections. With completed connection jobs, the start and end date, as well as the status of their progress will be shown. The progress of a job will be shown during execution as a percentage, and an error-free run will be shown with the entry Successful. Please check the connection settings if a job is not completed without errors.

Before running a new connection, always create a database backup. Errors made in the settings can, in certain circumstances, lead to a loss of original data. United Planet can offer no support in this case.

Additional actions can be carried out from the context menu. Information about this can be found here.

Data that is imported into a portal application using the Data transfer isn't automatically indexed for the search. The indexing of the target application can be triggered automatically in the Tools module by selecting Start from the context menu in the Task scheduler.