Import - Facets

Search facets that are used in a portal application can be included in the import here.

Select facet for import

If the checkbox in the list's first column is selected, then this facet will be imported.


In this column you'll see the facet's ID. This is a unique label that represents the facet language-independently in the portal. By clicking on Information a dialog will be opened that will help you find the facet's title in the languages that you have specified for that facet. If required, the ID of the facet to be imported can be changed here.

Create new facet

If this checkbox is activated, then a new facet is created in the portal. This setting can be selected if the facet's ID doesn't already appear in the portal.

Assignment to existing facet

An existing facet is listed here if its ID matches that of the facet being imported. If the facet that already exists in the portal has the same ID but has different language-dependent titles, then a warning icon is shown in the table. The ID of the facet being imported can be changed or the titles of the facet that already exists in the portal can be applied. Clicking on Find facet will open a list of all of the facets contained in the portal, the assignment can be changed in this list.


Selects all facets in the list to be imported.
Unselects all facets so that they won't be imported.

For more information about importing and exporting click here.