Calendar and Resource: Properties – Representation

Enter the title and description of the presentation to this page.

The Show only resources with a booking setting only shows the resources that have been booked, meaning that they are linked with an active appointment.

If you edit the display of a resource elements, additional settings are available here.
The following three settings have reciprocal effects on each other.

If the Display identical resources combined setting is activated, resources will be combined if their value for the resource field defined in the plugins is the same. If no user-defined resource combination is applied, all additional characteristics for groups must be the same for all plugins from which the resource originates. Otherwise, the resource cannot be combined.

At the uppermost tree level, the combined resources are then shown. Plugins are listed underneath that contain the corresponding resources. For each plugin, the corresponding appointments are shown on the right on the time axis. If Display identical resources combined setting is not selected, the uppermost level on the left shows all included plugins, or their names, in the calendar. The second level combines resources that have the same value in their resource field. In this way, for example, resources with the same title can be combined.

If the Display identical resources combined setting is not set, the Show bookings for a resource in a row setting takes effect, which shows various resources within a plugin that have been booked within a row. If the Display identical resources combined is selected, on the other hand, the option takes effect that appointments coming from different plugins are showed in a row.

If there is only one bundle of groups, it can be directly configured in the dialog box within the User-defined resource combination option. The configuration of such a bundle enables resources to be combined from various plugins based on a common value in what may be different resource fields, without needing other group properties to be the same, such as the title or the sorting fields. The uppermost entry in this type of bundle defines what is known as a master plugin, which would (for example) define the title of the resource in the display as soon as multiple resources are combined.

Click Add plugins to select the plugins that belong to this group. The arrow buttons allow the order of the selected plugins to be changed. You can further restrict the display by selecting the Only show resources from the first plugin option.