Tree - Advanced Properties

In Filter for starting entry, you can set a filter that hides the parts of the tree that should not be shown. If, for example, you have created a tree structure for product categories, product subcategories and products, you can restrict the display to individual product subcategories.

In Default value for folders on level 1, enter the parent ID of the in a partial area not visible folder. This ID can be ascertained from the database. It will be entered by the tree control automatically for newly created folders on the uppermost level into the Superior key field.

Only by entering the Default value for folders on level 1 can the hierarchy of folders be correctly represented in the entire tree.

In the Number data records per query, enter the number of data records that should be preloaded when a branch is opened. This entry increases performance when displaying levels that contain a large number of entries. The restriction entered here refers only to the initial loading of the records.