Value to be stored

Here, the target data field, in which the save value will be entered, will be selected. The value that is to be entered can come from a Data field from the display data group, i.e. the data group that you have included in the data source configuration. With the option for Automatic determination, values will be automatically determined. This makes, for example, the primary and foreign keys available, and the saved value will take the field from the Data source tab.

With the setting for Static value, you can enter a fixed value that will be entered to the target data field each time a data record is entered. The Request variable setting enables the entry of the value of a request variable, the name of which you can enter here. The value of a Session variable as well, such as the language setting, can also be used as a value for the target data field. Select the session variable from the selection list.

Click on Enter new data field here.