Relationships - General properties

Static title / Title from constants

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Starting point

As a starting point for the display in the end device, any node of a relationship diagram can be selected. In this way, you can implement a relationship diagram for various views in applications.

Relationship diagram

Select the desired Relationship diagram here.


In the Elementarea, the complete structure of the diagram will be shown. You can choose the desired starting point here. The structure that follows this point will then be available in the view element. If reversal filters are defined, then overlying levels of the diagram, which are parent records of the data record in the starting point, can be selected.

If a chart element is selected, the following information is displayed below the graph structure:

Primary key

Select the field that, by using the Primary key, uniquely identifies the data record of the data group for the selected entry point of the relationship diagram. If the page on which the relationship control has been placed belongs to the same data group as selected in the diagram, the primary key assignment will be automatically taken care of by Intrexx.