Additional controls for calendars: Recurring appointment

Static title / Title from constants

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In the From and To drop-down lists, select the fields that contain the start and end of the appointment.

Duration of series

Defines how many appointments will be created in total. In this, the interval is used that is defined by the user in the browser. The start date will be repeated accordingly daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Please note that entering a high value for the series duration may cause high levels of system load.

Copy all data fields

This setting causes all data fields in the current data group to be listed. The value that is chosen for the start date will be applied to all new appointments created by the recurring appointment. To do so, Intrexx uses a separate Recurring appointments data group, in which the new appointments are written. If the setting is not active, you can remove individual fields from the list by clicking Remove data fields. Click Add data fields to include additional fields.

Trigger workflows

With this setting, processes connected to the start date will be initiated, as well as for subsequent appointments. Disable this setting if this is not desired.

Once you apply the changes by clicking OK, you are able to apply the new settings to all existing appointment settings in the current data group.