Plugin - Visibility

Applications module Data group Properties Plugins tab / Create new Share plugin

Restrict visibility

You can configure the visibility of the posts in the stream here.

Static users

Users can be selected from the Intrexx User Manager here. Every user, who is contained in this list, has permission to see the corresponding feeds. Click on Add user object to select the users. By clicking on Remove user objects, the highlighted user objects will be deleted from the list.

Intrexx Share groups

From Intrexx Share 2.0 onwards, this setting can be used to give groups, which were created in Intrexx Share, the permission to view the feeds. Click on Select Intrexx Share groups to select the groups.

Select by filter

The display of feeds can be limited using filter criteria here. Click on Edit filter to define a filter expression.

If neither Static Users nor Select by filter (nor the setting Intrexx Share groups in Intrexx 2.0) is selected, the feed will be visible to all Intrexx Share users. If just the setting Static Users is selected, the feed will only be visible to the user(s), who you can specify in the user list by clicking Add user object. If just the Select by filter setting has been selected, the feed will be visible to those users who fulfil the filter criteria. This can be defined by clicking on Edit filter.

If both options are selected, the feed will be visible to those users who are either included in the list of static users or who fulfill the filter criteria; or both.