Listbox - General properties

Static title / Title from constant

Information regarding this topic can be found here.

Input required

The drop-down list becomes a mandatory field.

First entry on list is blank

This setting will insert an empty entry in front of the other entries.

Spread to maximum available width

Adjusts the drop-down list's width according to the element(s) surrounding it.

Html element

Listboxes can be shown as an unordered list in the browser. Select this setting to do that.

Width / Height

If the Listbox is set up as an unordered list, you can adjust the control's size further. You can select whether the control's Width and/or Height in the Application Designer corresponds to the maximum, minimum or fixed width and/or height of the HTML element in the browser.

If the list is shown as unordered list the option First entry on list is blank is not available.