Grid properties - General tab

Applications module Grid Properties


Information about responsive design can be found here.


Provide the Grid element with a Title here.

Same container height

If this setting is active, all columns will be displayed with the same height. The height is determined by the highest column in the grid.

The following settings are ignored if the setting Same container height is activated on the General tab:
  • Centered
  • Always position last container at the right-hand edge of the grid

Display size

In the Design, the minimum display width for the sizes MEDIUM and LARGE can be specified in the Layout properties, which can be opened via the menu Layout / Layout Settings / Responsive.

Visible column

With this setting, the entire grid can, if required, be hidden for each of the display sizes. Please note that hidden grids are still present on each device. This means that the volume of data isn't reduced.

Display if condition met

Activates the Conditional display of the grid.

Edit condition
This button opens the Script Editor where the condition can be formulated.

How does responsive design work?

Click on this link, which is found at the bottom of the dialog, to reach general information about this topic.