File selection properties - General tab

Applications module File selection Properties

Title / Title from constants

Provide the file selection with a title. More information regarding this topic can be found here.

Edit text alternative
Enter text to be shown instead of the icon on end devices incapable of showing images.


This area shows you templates that you can use as a layout for the information about the uploaded files. The Custom view template enables you to integrate your own Velocity files for the web presentation.

Presentation of uploaded files / Presentation of new files

When you click one of the preview images, the paths to the corresponding Velocity files in use will be refreshed in the fields below the preview images. Click the Custom display preview image to empty these fields and activate the edit buttons.

Select Velocity file
Opens a dialog box in which you can select a Velocity file which should be used for your own template(Custom view).

Input required

This setting makes the file selection a mandatory field.

Enable download

This option allows users to download the file.

Save as...

Users can save the file after downloading it.

Open in browser

Users can open the file in the browser after downloading it.

Open in new window

With this setting, the file will be opened in a new window when it's opened in the browser.

Delete file

The following options are available:
Please note that if you choose the Immediate delete setting, the file will be irrevocably deleted, regardless of whether the entire data record is saved.

Upload mode

Replace existing files

With this setting, files of the same name will be replaced in the upload procedure.

Attach files at beginning

New files will be inserted at the top of the file list. Intrexx uses an internal sorting field for this.

Attach files at end

Causes the files to be attached at the end of the list.