Multiple Selection - Saving Options

Applications module Multiple selection Properties

Here you will set how the value of the multiple selection is to be saved.

No link

With the option for No link, the multiple selection will not be connected with a data field. The selected values will therefore also not be saved.

List in a text field

With the option for List in a text field, the values will be entered to a data field of type text.

Create new data field
Opens a dialog where a new text data field can be created.

Data group

The values of a multiple selection will be stored as indidivual data records in a subordiante data group.

Data group drop-down list

If subordinate data groups are available, these can be selected and used here.

Create new child data group
Creates a new child data group with the relevant system data fields and an ID field for the ID of the saved value. The values in the primary key and foreign key created automatically when data records are created in the browser. The value of the primary key corresponds to the ID of a child data record; the value of the foreign key to the ID of the parent data record.

Group filter for saved data records
Opens a dialog where you can define filters that will come into play when using more than one multiple selection edit elements on one edit page. For example, say you use two multiple selection edit elements on one edit page. With the first multiple selection, you will select employees of the callcenter; with the other multiple selection, employees of the service department, in order to call together a team to take care of a common task. If the title of the tasks is saved in a data field for each data record, you can compare this data field in the group filter.

Data source column

For an existing child data group, the data field names will be shown here. For a newly created child data group, the entry Automatic determination will be shown.

Value column

Displays the value type stored in the correspdonding field.

Data field column

Displays the data field name.

4th column

Correct values can are marked with the symbol. Incorrect values are marked with the symbol. Saving the settings in this case is impossible.

Add new value to be stored
Opens a dialog where a data field, from which the stored value comes, can be assigned to a data field from the child data group integrated here.

Remove value to be stored
Deletes the stored value from the list.

Edit value to be stored
Opens a dialog where the stored value can be edited.