Value to be stored

Applications module Multiple selection Properties dialog Save options / Data group option / Add new value to be stored

Target data field

Select the data field where the stored value should be saved. Values can come from a Data field from the display data group, meaning the data group that you linked to in the data source configuration. By clicking on Create new data field, a dialog will open where a new data field can be created.

Automatic determination

With this setting, the following values, depending on the selection, will be determined automatically and written to the target data field: The stored value will be taken from the field from the Data source tab.

Static value

With this setting, a fixed value can be entered that is stored in the target data field every time a data set is saved.

Request variable

Enables the entry of a value from a request variable whose name you enter here.

Session variable

Even a value from a Session variable, e.g. the language setting, can be used as the value for the target data field. Select the session variable from the drop-down list.