File data field properties - Configuration tab

Applications module Data group Show data fields File data field properties

File storage location

Select the storage location here.

Relative path

You can edit the path relative to the selected strorage location.

Upload settings

Maximum number of files per data set

Determines how many files are allowed per data set.

Max. file size

Defines the maximum size that uploaded files may have. Select the unit of your choice from the list to the right of the field.

Permitted file types

Specify which file types are allowed with a preceding point, such as .txt or .xml, and separate them with a comma.

Delete files, if data field is deleted

Here, you can decide what should happen when the file data field is deleted.

Take files into account when exporting

The same conditions can also be defined for what happens when files are exported.

Image in case of error

An image can be selected here that is displayed if files are not available physically.