Chart properties - Interaction tab

Applications module Chart element Properties

Link when clicking on a data point

Opens a dialog where a page can be defined, which is opened when a user clicks on a data point.

Show vertical line at nearest data point to mouse

For improved orientation, a vertical line at nearest data point to mouse can be shown.

Show all data information at once

Shows all data points at once in a quicktip on the chart surface.

Enable zoom

This setting allows an area to be selected with the mouse and zoomed in on.

Display scrollbar

Additionally, a scrollbar can be shown, which is shown in the chart's header, enabling an area of the chart to be reduced in size.

Display graph in scrollbar

Additionally shows the area that is currently restricted.

Enable moving

Can only be selected if Enable zoom is not enabled.

Adjust to maximum available width

With this setting, the element's width will automatically be adjusted according to the nearest element(s) surrounding it.