Path navigation for tree properties - General tab

Applications module Path navigation for tree Properties

It's possible to set up a path navigation for the tree for both edit and view elements. In this way, you can navigate through its structure using either the tree control or by entering the path.


Provide the path navigation with a title. Further information regarding this topic can be found here.


In the Tree selection list, the tree control can be selected, for which the path navigation is to be set up.

Text for path start

In the Text for path start, the text will be defined that is to be shown at the start of the path.

Icon for path root

An icon for the path start can be selected here.

Opens a dialog where an icon/image can be selected

Deletes the image meaning it will no longer be shown.

Edit text alternative
Opens a dialog where the text for end devices, which cannot display images, can be defined.

Reduce tree

If this option is activated only the sub elements of the selected node will be visible. The parent nodes can be reached via the path navigation. Without this setting all nodes will be always visible in the tree. The path navigation only serves as orientation guide then.