Reference properties - Select foreign key

Applications module Data group Properties References tab / Add reference Relations / Select foreign key

Primary key

The primary key data field selected in the previous dialog is shown in this field.

Foreign key


Here, a field from the User Manager can be selected as the foreign key.

Static value

A specific, static value that should be used as the foreign key can be entered here.

Session variable

The value from a selected session variable is used as the foreign key.

External data groups which come from the Intrexx standard connection can also reference any standard data groups. When integrating external data tables, incorporating
  • multiple primary keys
  • multiple foreign keys
  • mixed primary and foreign keys
is not possible. Certain conditions apply to references to external data groups: If the external data group originates in the Intrexx system database - the standard connection SysDB -, creating references is usually possible but only if the external data group is a physical data group. If the external data group doesn't relate to the Intrexx system database, then the reference is not possible.