Edit field - Control type: Time - Options tab

Applications module Edit field Properties Control type: Time


Minimum value

Here, the earliest possible date can be defined. The value entered will be checked against this minimum value when the page is saved. If the value is too low, a corresponding notification will be shown.

Maximum value

The date entered in the browser may not exceed the value specified here.

Time fomat

The format for the displayed time is defined here. Here, Selecting Company setting will use the portal's current regional settings for the corresponding language.


When a new data record is created on the edit page, the default values will be entered automatically in the edit field according to the defined default.

No default

Here, the edit field will have no content when a new data record is created. Default values can be overwritten in the browser by the user, as long as the edit field is not write-protected.

User data

User data which is stored in the User Manager as a time, such as birthdays, can be inserted as a default.

Current date or time

Enters the current date. With the Date adjustment, date values can be dynamically increased or decreased in relation to the current date.

Default value only on new records

Means that the default value is only entered when a new record is being created. If a null value is saved in the connected data field, the preset will not be used.