Edit field properties - Control type: Email - Options

Applications module Edit field Properties Control type: Email


Email address validation

This setting will check whether the email address contains an @ -character and a domain.


When a new data record is created on the edit page, the default values will be entered automatically in the edit field according to the defined default.

No default

Here, the edit field will have no content when a new data record is created. Default values can be overwritten in the browser by the user, as long as the edit field is not write-protected.

User data

User data which is stored in the User Manager as an email address, such as the user's business email address, can be inserted as a default.

Default value only on new records

Means that the default value is only entered when a new record is being created. If a null value is saved in the connected data field, the preset will not be used.

Additional settings

Maimum number of characters available

Here, you will set the maximum amount of characters that may be entered into an edit field. If this character limit is exceeded, an error message will be shown during text entry.

Allow only following characters

Here, you can define which characters may be entered in the field. If a user enters other characters into the field, they will not be accepted.