Applications module Data group Properties Plugins tab / Add or edit pinboard

Data group

You can only select the data group here, if the pinboard configuration is created via the application node.



Here, you can find a list of the categories already created.

Manage categories
Opens a dialog where categories are managed.

Opens a dialog where the sorting of the entries can be defined.

A filter can be set up here.

Title prefix

Is placed in front of an entry in the portlet and serves to distinguish between the data records that stem from various applications and data groups.

Maximum number of results

Here, you can enter an integer, with which the number of entries from the data group that you are currently configuring will be restricted in the Pinboard portlet. This restriction will not have an effect on the display of entries from other Pinboard configurations.

Start date / End date

Entries from the start date onwards and up until the end date will be shown in the portlet.

Data record


Title of the entry in the Pinboard portlet.


If an image file is recorded in the data group, whose values should be shown in the pinboard, a symbol can be assigned to each entry here. Select the corresponding file data field in the drop-down list.

Edit text alternative
Opens a dialog where the text can be entered. This will be displayed as an alternative to the picture, if the end device isn't capapable of displaying images.

Short text

A field, which contains a short description of the entry, can be selected here.

Link destination

Select the page that should be loaded when the user clicks on an entry.

Link destination area

Based on the selection, the target page will be opened in the main window, a tooltip or modally.

Mobile devices

Show news on mobile devices

Activate this setting if the pinboard should also be shown on mobile devices.

Link destination for mobile devices

A page can be selected here Select the page that should be loaded when the user clicks on an entry on a mobile device.