Research properties - Options tab

Applications module Research element Properties

Static title / Title from constants

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General settings

Show research function

Displays the research function in the browser or hides it, respectively. If the research function is hidden, only the results table is shown.

Spread to maximum available width

With this setting, the element's width will automatically be adjusted according to the nearest element(s) surrounding it.

Maximum text length (column width)

Predefines the maximum amount of characters that should be shown for each data record in the column.

Number of records

Defines the maximum number of data records that should be shown on a page in the browser. If -1 is entered here, all records will be displayed.

Display text if no data set exists

If this is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available.


Show column headings

Displays the column headings.


Display "email to all"

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Display "File export"

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Serial mail

Displays the link Email beneath the results table. Select a data field that contains the email addresses. When the user clicks on the link in the browser, a new window opens with an edit form.


The email can be sent in Text or HTML format.


A static sender address can be entered here.


A static subject can be entered here.


Enter the text for the email here.

Recipient email

The data field that contains the email addresses can be selected here.

Insert auto-fields

The field selected here is used as a placeholder in the email's text field, this consists of the field name and the field's GUID. In the email, the corresponding value will be used instead of the placeholder (e.g. the personal letter salutation).


By clicking on Browse here, an attachment can be added.


By clicking on Send, an email is sent to every email address from the Research element. Click on Preview to view the email in another window. By clicking on Test email, an email address of your choice can be entered in the window that opens. A test email with the defined content will be sent to this address.

Navigation element

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