FileWalker properties - Settings tab

Applications module FileWalker element Properties

1. Connection

Select the desired connection here.

Opens a dialog where a new connection can be set up.

2. Style

The FileWalkers style in the browser can be defined here.

2.1. Explorer

With the Explorer style, the connected directories will be shown with subfolders and files in the browser. By clicking on Switch to directory, the directory will be opened. Clicking on a file name will open the file, whereby the program that opens it depends on the file type. The sorting order can be changed via the column headers.

With the corresponding Permissions, the following buttons will be shown at the top of the FileWalker with the following functions:

Navigates to the superordinate directory.

Create directory
Creates a new folder at the current directory level.

Refresh directory
Refreshes the content of the folder currently opened.

Add file
Opens a window where a file can be selected and copied to the current directory.

Click on Browse and select the desired file. Then click on Add file.

Configure client path
This button is found at the top right and opens a window where the starting directory can be edited.

File options
This button can be found to the right of each file. It opens a window where additional functions are available.

Download file
Opens the dialog for downloading the file.

Open file
Opens the current file.

Rename file
Opens the dialog for renaming the file.

Copy file
Opens a dialog where the filename of the copy can be modified.

Delete file
The current file can be deleted here.

Directory options
This button is found to the right of every folder shown in the list. It opens a window where additional functions are available.

Rename directory
Opens a dialog where the directory name can be modified.

Delete directory
The current directory can be deleted here.

The Search style will use the FileWalker as a full text search. In the edit field, the user can search by any type of search term, as long as the file type allows it. In scanned documents that are saved as image files, no hits will be returned. All files that return hits will be shown in the table in the lower area and can be opened via a link.

Configure client path
Opens a window where the starting directory can be modified.

2.3. What's new?

The setting What's new allows for directories to be searched for newly deposited files. The time frame will be defined in the edit field Since … Day(s). A document will be identified as new by the file date. If files with older file dates are moved to a directory, they will not be recognized as New.

Configure client path
Opens a window where the starting directory can be modified.

3. Columns

3.1. Available

Every file attribute that can be displayed in the FileWalker list is shown here.

3.2. Selected

The file attributes listed here will be shown in the FileWalker list.

Move entries horizontally
Move the required file attributes from one list to the other using the arrow keys.

Move entries vertically
The order of the file attributes can be modified with these arrow keys. The following applies here: the higher a file attributes is in the list, the more to the left the corresponding column will be positioned in the FileWalker later.

4.1. Direct access

Enables direct access to the original files.

4.2 Download

Enables the original files to be downloaded.

4.3. Show client path

The Configure client path button is available in the browser. If this setting isn't activated, then the button will not be shown.