Office integration: Edit drop-down list

Applications module Edit page Properties Office Integration tab / Edit drop-down lists for the Office add-in

Here, you can create the lists that should be made available in table form in the edit forms in Microsoft Office, such as in the example below for opening documents, which are saved in your portal, from Microsoft Office.

Select the fields that should be shown as a column in the table - for example here, the fields Title and Document.

Data fields


In this list, all fields permitted for the Office Integration will be shown.


The field (PK) (S) ID is always automatically selected. This field refers to the ID of the data record. This field cannot be deselected; however, it will not be shown later in the input mask in MS Word, as long as you do not explicitly select it to be shown in the options.

Move entries horizontally
Move the required fields from one list to the other using the arrow keys.

Move entries vertically
The order of the elements can be modified with these arrow keys. The following applies here: the higher a field is in the list, the more to the left the corresponding column will be positioned in the table later.

Opens a dialog for creating Filter expressions.

Opens a dialog where the title, among other things, of the currently selected element in the Available list can be edited.

Control type

Select the desired Control type here.


Opens a dialog where the sorting of the entries in the drop-down list can be modified.