Editing applications

Applications module File menu / Open application


You can see all of the applications that have been published in your portal here.

Recently edited

All applications that have been edited recently will be listed here.


Applications that have been savedas a working copy can be opened here.

Import... / Export...

Applications can be exported and imported using the links here.

Search and sorting

If you have a large list of applications, the search box in the upper area of the Application Manager eases your location of specific applications. Simply enter the title or the GUID of the application to be found. Furthermore, you can sort the list by date, title or user in ascending or descending order on the right of the search box.

System applications

In a newly created portal, you will already find published applications here, the so-called system applications like the application Users.

Locked applications

An application that is currently being edited will always be designated with this symbol.

Open, unlock, copy and delete applications

If you move the mouse onto an application, symbols will be displayed to the right of it.

Unlock application
Unlocks the locked application

Please note that changes applied simultaneously to an application by two editors may be lost.

Open application
Opens an unlocked application to be edited.

Open a copy of the application
Opens a copy of the application to be edited. The data in the original application is not transferred.

Delete application
Deletes the application.

Information about the templates at the top-left of the dialog, which you can use to create your own applications, can be found here.