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Enable expert options

All information regarding this setting can be found here.

Check application for missing titles

Check application for missing titles has the effect that the application will be searched for missing entries for titles in other portal languages when it is opened.

Show title of linked data field

With this setting the title of the connected data field will be shown on the workspace with each edit and view element.

Background image of groups

In the Design module, images can be used as a background for groups. The display of these background images of groups on the workspace can be activated here by selecting the option Show groups background image.

Show controls while dragging

If you activate the Show controls while dragging setting, when elements are moved on the workspace, both the original and the new position of the element will be displayed.

Bring workspace/hidden area to foreground on drag and drop

If this setting is selected, the hidden area will be moved to the foreground as soon as a control is moved to the Hidden area tab by drag & drop. Controls can also be moved from the hidden area to the workspace by drag & drop, in which case, the workspace will also then be moved into the foreground. If this behavior is not required, please deactivate the described setting.

Show ruler

Show ruler will display or hide the ruler on the workspace.

Snap to elements

If you drag a new element to the workspace or move an existing element, this setting will activate dashed lines which help you to align this element to the others.

Show grid

The setting Show grid will show a grid on the workspace. The grid size (the distance between the grid points on the workspace) can be set here. The standard value 5 corresponds to a distance of 5 pixels between individual dots.

Undo / Redo stack size

Undo/Redo stack size defines the number of editing steps that can be reversed via the Undo menu item.

Number of recently opened applications

With Number of recently opened applications you may choose the number of recently opened applications that will be shown in the lower area of the File menu.

Position of labels

The Position of labels defines whether the titles of edit and view elements, which can be automatically created, should be assigned to the left or above the element on the workspace.

Last applications list max. length

In Last applications list max. length you can specify how many of the most recently edited applications will be displayed in the Application Manager, when Recently edited is selected.