Design presets for elements

Applications module Edit menu / Edit layout


This column lists all elements for which the margins and style classes within a div container can be defined.

Top / Right / Bottom / Left

Click on each of the checkboxes, if a margin should be defined on the corresponding side of the element. If a margin is specified in this dialog, the following style classes will initially be assigned to each element: The entries for the margin size are specififed within the style classes and can be edited specifically for each layout in the Design module. When creating an element in a div container, when moving or copying to a div container or when grouping, the style classes named above will be used. If you move an element with these style classes to a container, which isn't a div container, or if you remove a grouping, the style classes are maintained.

Style classes

Each element can be assigned additional style classes here, these will be added automatically to the control when creating an element within a div container.

Please pay attention to the correct notation when entering the style classes. You should also note that they are case-sensitive. If multiple style classes are specified, these need to be separated with a space (e.g. MyFirstClass MySecondClass). The specified style classes need to be present in the portal layout so that they can be used.

Reset to default

Clicking on this button restores all settings to their default values.