Setup - Installation options

Intrexx consists essentially of two components: the Portal Server and the Portal Manager. On the Portal Server, all Intrexx portals will be stored and administrated. With the Portal Manager, you can connect to an existing Portal Server, and from there either create new portals or edit existing ones.

Intrexx Full Installation

If you have not yet installed a Portal Server, select the option here for Intrexx Full Installation. Run this installation on an appropriate computer system.

Intrexx Portal Server Production Installation

With the Production Installation, an optimized distribution set of components for productive use will be installed.

Intrexx Portal Server Minimal Installation

With the Minimal Installation, the Portal Server, Portal Manager, IIS connector and the most important database drivers will be installed.

Intrexx Portal Manager

With this option, only the Portal Manager will be installed. Select this type of installation if you want to connect to an Intrexx Portal Server from a client, in order to create new portals there or to edit existing portals.

Compare distribution sets

Click on this button to open a dialog which will provide you with information regarding the components included in each installation method.

Close all other running programs.