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Permissions in the User Manager

Global Permissions

You will find the global settings for permissions to classes and objects in the menu item User / Permissions. If an object in the User Manager has the Full Access permission to the Administration, it is able to create new object classes and administer them. The permission to Write Configuration allows only existing object classes to be edited. If one of these permissions is missing the scheme manager will not available. For the individual object classes, the permissions status will differ depending on whether it is allowed to administer classes or create new objects based on this class. Full Access activates both permissions. For Object Instances, only the Administrate permission can be set up for the three basic classes Container, Set, and User. With the permission Administrate all classes derived of the basic class and the instances of sub classes can be edited. Please note that individual permissions in the object tree will be overwritten by global permissions.

Individual Permissions

This context menu item opens a dialog in which editing permissions to individual objects can be controlled. The administration permission only exists if the checkbox in the Allow column is activated. Add allows an object to be inserted into the list of objects with a specific permission.