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In the User Manager you will define the settings of authentication, security and organization under the menu item User / Configuration.


Authentication via Web Server

With this setting the user account that is used for login to the NT or ADS domain will also be used to log in to the portal. All users must be able to log in to their corresponding domains, or a position of trust must exist in regard to domains of the Intrexx portal server. Intrexx Authentication Regardless of membership in local domains, each user will log on with the user name and the password from the User Manager to the portal. Generic Authentication Generic authentication allows the configuration of an authentication module for authentication via an LDAP server. In this case, the user name and the password will be transmitted in plain text. Please make sure that the login only is transferred via secure connections. To set up the generic authentication, please contact United Planet consulting. Other Authentication Other authentication modules can be developed based on your needs. As examples, the authentication can be instituted here via X509 certificates, authentication to systems from third party providers, and so on. If you have questions, please contact United Planet consulting.


Enter the minimum length of the password here. When passwords are created that fall below this number, an error message will be output.


Clicking on the magnifier symbol here allows the Default container for new users and/or new distribution lists to be changed. The default container is relevant for the creation of new users and/or distribution lists from the Users application as follows. New users and/or distribution lists that are created in the browser will be automatically assigned to the container entered here.