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Search in Applications

In all Intrexx applications, you will find a main page with the title Search, on which one may search for terms within the application.

In addition, other search configurations can be created with the help of the Search view element. Only one of the searches in an application can be assigned to the global search. The search view element consists of three elements, with which you can make effective search mechanisms available on your application pages: On the tab Actionsin the properties dialog of the button, you will define the search configuration, the search field, and the way the results will be shown.


By clicking on Add configuration, you can create additional search configurations. With Duplicate configuration, you will create a copy of the currently selected search configuration. Delete configuration removes a search configuration entered here. With Edit configuration, the settings for the search can be changed.

The Help button setting shows a button in the browser, via which a help page with explanations to help use the page can be called up.

With Remember previous search term the latest search term will remain in the search field for further searches.

If the Default mode is set to Direct search in database, the data will be searched for substrings via SQL. In this mode the current data will be accessed always.

With Search in Index the data will be indexed by schedule jobs. This will cause faster search results, but also implicates, that data possibly is not be available, because it was not updated permanently.

With the setting Display relevance a bar for each search result will be shown, which displays the weight of the hits graphically in their relation to their relevance for the search term.

Options for Showing Results

The results list can be shown in a grouping, which you can select here, in a tooltip or a popup. If you select New Grouping, a new grouping will be created, which will be linked to the search button automatically.

You can likewise select the page that will be loaded upon clicking on a hit. This can be loaded in the main window, in a tooltip, or a popup.

You will also reach this dialog if you select the Search action for a completely normal button. In this case, you must put together all elements that are required for the search. Among others, you will require an empty group for showing the results. Therefore, group an element of your choice and then drag it out of the grouping onto an empty position on the workspace.