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First Steps

When you create a new process, the workspace will be shown as empty. In this example, we will create a process that reacts to a change in reservations in an application and then reconciles these changes in another application.

Start with a data group events handler, which you can select in the Elements area with the mouse and then place it on the workspace via drag & drop on the desired position.

By double-clicking on the events handler, you can edit the properties of the element.

Click Next here.

Select the desired application here.

Select the data group here. The data will be reconciled in the target application when it is changed in the source application. Activate the data records event Change in the lower area of the dialog. Next, click OK.

A data groups action will be required as the next element. Click on the element and drag it to the events handler you have just created.

When a red arrow appears, you can simultaneously create the data groups action with a mouse click and connect it with the events handler.

Now only the data groups action must be configured. Open the properties dialog by double-clicking on the element.

Select the action Change here, which ensures that an existing data record will be reconciled with the data record in the target application. Click Next to continue.

Select the data group of the target application here and click Next.

Now one must only define how the data records that should be changed in the target application are to be identified. Select the corresponding fields here.

Now, all fields that are to be refreshed in the target application with data from the source application can be assigned. To do so, highlight the desired fields in the Target data group column and create the connection with the fields in the Source data group with the help of the arrow buttons. Click OK when you are done.

The process must now only be saved, in order that the corresponding calendar appointments will be refreshed when a reservation changes.

Please note that, especially when using Groovy or generic event handlers, conditions or actions may not function at runtime under various circumstances if incorrect code is used.