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Event Handler

Event handlers react to events in Intrexx applications. In this way, they represent the link between the applications in the portal and the additional process steps that follow them. Actions and conditions can be attached to an event handler as following process elements.

Data Group Event Handler

A data group event handler reacts to the following data group event in Intrexx applications: If you wish to connect the output of a data group event handler with more than one additional process element, you can create the chain with the help of conditions. To do so, connect the output of the data group event handler with a condition. You can then connect the condition with a further condition. Each condition in the chain can be connected to further elements.

Timer Event Handler

A timer event handler can only be configured in connection with the global timer or a timer action. A global timer or a timer action creates time-related event that react to the timer event handler: The timer event handler has the same general properties as the data group event handler.

Groovy Event Handler

A Groovy event handler can react to any kind of event. On the Server Events tab, the events created by the server can be selected. In the Groovy script, these events can be more finely filtered if desired. If the script returns the logical value true (in the Groovy sense), the event will be processed, otherwise not.

IMAP event handler

The IMAP event handler reacts to IMAP event sources defined in the process.

Generic Event Handler

Java classes, even from third party providers, can function as generic event handlers as long as they implement the IWorkflowEventHandler interface. The UserWorkflowEventHandler is provided to you with Intrexx. With it, the following user events can be reacted to: