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Connecting Process Elements

You can connect an already created process element with another by placing the new element, while you are entering it to the workspace, on top of the existing element.

The connection to be created will then be automatically shown for the existing element with a red arrow. As soon as you release the mouse button, the new element will be entered onto the workspace, together with a Connection to the existing element.

Existing elements can also be connected with one another via drag & drop. To do so, move the element with the mouse onto another until a red arrow appears, then release the mouse button. Here as well, a connection will be created.

The connection element is also available in the toolbox and will be displayed on the workspace as an arrow.

Drag the arrow head or the arrow butt with the mouse onto the element that you want to connect to a further element. As soon as the process element shows red points, showing that it is highlighted, you can release the mouse button. The connection will be created.

With the warning triangle, you will recognize a process element that has not not yet been completely configured or connected or is missing a setting (such as when no contents have been defined for an e-mail action). This message will also be output in the Messages area.